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A range of base coats for every nail type. The collection grew to include cuticle care, extra glossy top coats, hand care, Custom Nail Colour and even therapeutic heated mittens. Jessica offers over 200 Custom Nail Colour shades in a variety of finishes, from classic to catwalk, to shimmer to sheer.

Benefit #1

A base coat is a basis for a long-lasting manicure. Jessica’s base coats are enriched with natural botanicals and antioxidants maintaining health, strength, and nail flexibility.

Benefit #2

Highly pigmented polishes in dark colours have the capability to stain and yellow nails and skin. Using a base coat prevents this polish from actually touching your nails, which keeps your nails healthy-looking even when you leave a dark polish on for an extended period of time.

Benefit #3

Nails will definitely be healthier if you put a base coat under your nail polish. Look for a base coat that contains vitamins like E and Calcium, and other healthy ingredients such as proteins and aloe vera. As you wear your manicure or pedicure, these vitamins will sink into your nails to prevent breaking, splitting, and overall damage. Sounds great to us!